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    Default Seeding / Starting An Empty Server

    Seeding An Empty Server

    Most people don't like starting an empty server. There is a group of people that don't mind, and enjoy the 1vs 1 element but I think most like the action of full servers. Servers carry an inertia. The more people you have playing, the more people see the higher player count and you get faster joins. Here's some tips I've learned to improve player retention.

    It's all about Controlling The Ticket Count

    The longer the game, the longer you suspend the time when the most people leave at the end. So you always want to bleed out both sides of the tickets.

    -When your team is far ahead I pull back and do nothing.
    -When your team is far behind I get very aggressive.

    Always allow the other team a 2-3 flags, If they feel the game is futile, they will probably quit. This doesn't mean let them kill you, stand your ground on a set number of flags 2-3. Don't roam on their side of the map much unless your team is far behind. Base rape is guaranteed way to make everyone leave. Remember the object is to bleed all tickets from both sides.

    While beating down a starting weak team can be satisfying, it will more likely cause the startup to fail. When the server is full or 30-50 people or more, then kill without prejudice. Go crazy and throw poo at your foes!!!
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