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  1. Hello Jsimpson32

    Sorry for my bad english, i speak better french and portuguese

    I send you this message to informe you for a problem i have witch some players of AARP "professor" and another one i dont remember.

    I ask you the facts... Today 23h paris time, i wase playing in our server witch 2 oders guys of my clan and we are dominating the game.

    So "professor" at a determinate time start to tells in the public channel we are cheaters.So no problem i'm not and don't gonna be.

    Well my problem is simple... i ask you to do something , if i'm not welcome in your server, ban me.
    If he sure i'm a cheater, make a report ... and let EA prove it.

    But tell him please , if her skill is of an debutante is normal to be catch by a tank witch a sabot caps wen you fly low and stable in a heli.

    So i'm sorry for the time you gonna wast to read a bullshit story but i dont accept noobs speaking like shit to me.

    Next_Team_ColtM4A1 co-founder of Next_Team Clan
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